KIEV. 21 Aug. UNN. Police said details about the identity of the men who attacked the building of the Kharkiv city hall. This was during the briefing said the head of GUNP in Kharkiv region Oleh Bech, reports UNN.

“About the personality of Alexander Poyarkov it was found that it is from 1990-ies he worked as a mechanic-a lifeguard in a number of commercial enterprises, and subjects of entrepreneurial activities, where he was engaged in repair of vehicles. However, by may 31, 2018, he was dismissed. As he reported to his friends, he was not paid a salary, so he quit. On this basis he began to abuse alcohol and was constantly depressed. On the spot (in the house where the woman was found a meter – ed.) seized a large number of bottles of beer,” said Bech.

According to him, the man long time anywhere didn’t work and abused alcoholic drinks.

“According to witnesses, his wife is the victim of the crime – said that they have started a scandal, and she reported to her husband that offers to leave if he doesn’t stop actions that lead to quarrels in the family. Currently, we understand that under the influence of alcoholic beverages, stress, he shot and killed his wife. On the spot found the shells, which also match the shell casings at the scene under the city Council. He (the assailant – ed.) was identified by relatives,” – said the head of the regional police.

About the man also known that he was not previously convicted, a soldier. He has a military ID. The man was still under the Soviet regime. Set up now where he has served and served in hot spots. There is also information that the man was a sniper. These data are checked.

“Now the formal process continues. The investigation worked all night at the scene. The main investigative actions completed. There will be additional inspection of another of the adjacent territory. Currently, all confiscated and sent to the appropriate examination to determine whether it was harmless weapons at the scene to other criminal offenses”, – said Bech.

Recall shooting at city hall of Kharkov took place on 20 August at about 00:37. An unidentified man opened fire near the administrative building of the Kharkiv city Council. An armed attacker shot at the guards of the institution and on patrol, who arrived at the scene on call. Police used the weapons and disarmed the shooter.

As a result of incident to the hospital with gunshot wounds were taken to the guard companies and patrolman. Despite the efforts of doctors, pravoohraniteli died. The other wounded man is in stable a grave condition.

As reported UNN, the wife of the attacker was found dead with gunshot wounds. According to investigators, Poyarkov under the influence of alcoholic beverages shot a woman.