The Archbishop of Prague and the Czech lands (right) arrived in Odessa / eparhiya.od.arhiepiscop Prague and the Czech lands Michael on November 24 arrived in Odessa.

In the Holy Dormition monastery in Odessa he was met by Metropolitan of Odessa and Izmail Agafangel, according to “the Orthodox Odessa”.

“We came to show our unity with you, as representatives of the Autocephalous Church,” said Archbishop Michael.

Also, Archbishop Michael told about the history of Orthodoxy in the Czech Republic and the Holy equal to the apostles Cyril, who brought Christianity to these lands.

“We are very sorry for you and explain to the people that we are all with you – and the Czechs and Slovaks, and Transcarpathia, and even Orthodox Germans should be as one family. Your joys are our joys, Your trouble is our trouble. We need to support each other in word and prayer. We in the diocese at every Liturgy the prayers for peace in Ukraine and unity of the Church,” said Archbishop Michael.

Metropolitan Agafangel gave Archbishop Michael Panagia with the image of the kasperovsky icon of the Mother of God, Patroness of the black sea region.