Modern attack drones capable of destroying any targets — but after returning to base, can become easy prey for enemy aircraft. The solution suggests itself: it is necessary to make the place of deployment of the UAV is constantly changing.

The original engineering solution was offered by the specialists of the company Target Arm. They have developed the Talon system is a moving platform, where the key element is a storage box drone, mounted in the rear of the car with the open ends of the front and rear. In the top and bottom of the box is a system of special terminals. With their help, it is the capture of the drone at the time of his return. The rods are closed towards each other like the petals of a carnivorous plant the Venus flytrap, gently grabbing the drone and not causing him any harm.

As the car fitted with Talon, is on the move, the deployment of the UAV is constantly changing. The launch also carried while driving.

While we are talking about the prototype of the future system. If test Talon in Fort Benning, Georgia, will be successful, and it will be of interest to members of the army, its developers eligible for extra funding for development work and bring the system to production.

Source — Army Times