Singer of the year was Oleg Vinnik, and the award for “singer of the year” took Nastya Kamensky.
Group Kazka won in the category “hit of the year” and “Breakthrough of the year” / screenshot

On Saturday, 1 December in Kyiv sports Palace hosted the ceremony of awarding the main musical awards of Ukraine “M1 Music Awards 2018”, which was visited by the top artists of the Ukrainian music scene.

The event began with a red carpet where stars could show off their bright and original evening dresses. A pioneer on the red carpet was the singer from Greece Andreas. It began to appear “mastodons” of Ukrainian show business. One after the other on the track came the “A. R. M. I. Ya”, TV presenter Alexandr Pedan, the soloist of the group “a Pair of Normal” Anna Dobrydneva, producer: Irina Gorovaya, the group “Time and glass”, Mozgi, The Hardkiss, Melovin, “Antitila”, Kazka, NK, Maruv and many others.

Nastya Kamensky / Instagram
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For the third year in a row we win in the nomination “group of the YEAR” I want to say a big thank you to our viewers. Our large musical family Time and Glass ! I do wish it was more! This award is Yours! ♥ This style : @sonya_soltes Mua : @myshura_olga . Thanks for the photo @dfbobrov

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The leading concert began with the words of the captured Russian captured Ukrainian sailors.

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“We are now at the concert in a time when the country declared martial law. Our sailors are in captivity. We always support them and my thoughts are now with them. It is a pity that they are not near us. Come back alive! Glory To Ukraine!” – the correspondent of the UNIAN reports.

So, his first number presented on stage Nastya Kamenskih, she is NK. The singer appeared on stage in a tight purple bodysuit and black high boots and performed several of his hits “Break”, “Ass like Kim”, “Peligroso” and “Trimi”. Girl always like to shock the audience outright dancing and already the first performance of the evening made the audience to applaud loudly and shout.

Behind her emerged on the scene, Alexander Ponomarev, who performed his hit “Neimovirna”.

After this the spectators were treated to a pleasant surprise, because on the stage appeared the legendary Ukrainian group “Time and Glass”. After the band performed their new “Song person”, appeared on the stage Dima Monatic with her hit single “Something crazy”. Then Nadia Dorofeeva again took the stage and “shake up” the audience with another song now a duet with Monticom. By the way, this time the soloist of group “Time and Glass” a Positive, not left behind, and sang along with them.

Here, by the way, not to mention the work of the organizers, because they have created an amazing show that could compete with perceptions of world level. Each room was performed on the large-scale background scenery and was accompanied by amazing lighting effects.

One after the other on the stage appeared Irina Bilyk, the Hardkiss and Mozgi. Behind them came the singer Alekseev, whose number remember a very interesting light, when the light alternately snatched a couple of dancers, so get the pendulum effect.

After the audience waited for the performance Alyosh’and groups “Antitila”, Nikita Lomakin (Nikita Lomakin), Oli Cybulski and groups Kadnay.

One of the most spectacular in the evening with its spectacular dancing has become the number singer Maruv. Hard to believe that this girl is really from Ukraine when she without the slightest accent singing in English, and so cleverly, “in the West” shocking the audience.

Behind her on the stage Michelle Andrade with his new single – Hasta la Vista.

But after she came on the scene, finally, a group whose performance that evening must have been waiting for more than any other. Kazka, which became the “Breakthrough of the year”, performed his acclaimed hit “Crying” accompanied by a tender of the video and a large number of girls appeared on stage at the end of the room that reminded the audience of the video for the main hit of the band.

The concert ended with a performance of Tina Karol, who this year played a role as a music producer award.

In addition to the concert, where their numbers presented top Ukrainian performers, this evening also took place the ceremony of awarding the best of the best. The coveted statuettes was given to those who clearly showed themselves this year. It is worth noting that the audience was very warmly received by all the artists this evening: the audience of the stalls and then jumped up and ran forward to get a better look at your favorite artists. But as soon as the category was announced the name of Oleg winnick hall burst into frantic cries. Never mind that in the category singer of the year with Winnick competed Dima Monatic who took the award last year. The fate of the prize this year was a foregone conclusion. However, the singer, unfortunately, the award does not appear, because at this time has been busy as a judge on another TV show.

Full list of winners:

The award “For contribution to development of national music industry” – Tina Karol;

“Breakthrough of the year” – Kazka;

“Golden Gramophone” – Michelle Andrade;

“Chervona Ruta” – Alexander Ponomarev;

“Hit of the year” – Kazka – “Wept;

“Project of the year” – MONATIK & Nadia Dorofeeva – “Deep…”;

“Dance parade” – MARUV & BOOSIN – Drunk Groove;

“Band of the year” – “Time and Glass”;

“Singer of the year” – Oleg Vinnik;

“Singer of the year” – NK (Nastya Kamensky);

“Clip of the year” – NK – “This is my night”.

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