Musician Steve Terryberry presented to the experts Genta Djentar his creation – what he calls “the most metal guitar in the world.” Under the metal here refers to a musical style, but from the other guitars Djentar features number of strings. Them here from 20 — and this is not a fad but a necessity for achieving new records.

The djent (Djent) – style guitar, rich muted syncopated bass riffs, which alternate fast solos. It is important to have a large number of strings to eight, nine or even more. On music show NAMM 2018 was presented a special guitar from Australian Perry ormesby, who by order of a fan of Genta, Jared Gains, has created an exclusive model Djent 2018. She had 18 strings.

The product, Terriberry called “Spring” or just Djentar is a full-fledged musical instrument that can and should play Gent. However, it is not very easy guitar weighs 24 kg. Soundboard made of black walnut, the neck is made of maple headband fingerboard — rosewood. For mounting of the strings used elements from carbon fiber. Here is a unique from 4Seasons pickups made custom just for this guitar. And no control knobs tone and volume.

Watch the video to learn how Steve plays Terriberry Djentar. And he is ready to accept the challenge of the titans Genta!

Source — Steve Terreberry