Former patrol from Kharkov Denis Kucherenko fled Ukraine and took Russian citizenship, has publicly thanked Russian intelligence services, Russia and Vladimir Putin personally.

Statement Kucherenko and the act itself has caused a major
a scandal in social networks, where Kucherenko already accused of betrayal of their homeland.

The media could figure out that the ex-patrolman held
service in the 2nd battalion of Kharkov. Russian citizenship Kucherenko boasted
on his page in the social network, expressing gratitude to the Russian
authorities, interior Ministry and FSB of Russia.

“Thank you
Vladimir Putin, thank you, Russia!” – wrote Kucherenko.

Journalists were able to find out that escaped to Russia, the former patrol
was caught on dismantling someone else’s car and extortion. Against him
had begun an internal investigation, however, Kucherenko quickly fled to Russia. In
the prosecutors said that the fugitive was declared wanted.


Earlier it was known as the soldiers of “Berkut” received a monetary reward. But Dobkin ready to dress in the costume of “Berkutovets”.