No high-profile presentations, no bright advertising – when a company website has been updated after the weekend, the list of goods the new section. But this appearance of humility in itself is the basis of the mechanism of promotion of innovations. If you are using the Powerwall system from Tesla and plan its expansion, the neighbors doesn’t have to know, right?

A few months ago, Tesla introduced its version of solar panels to private households, is integrated into shingles for the roof. Catchy, nicely, effectively enough, but what about the category of clients that is not going to change the whole roof for the sake of using this product? They will use a new “normal” panel from Tesla, which, although blend in with the appearance of the building, but they are not one with him — you can install them on an existing roof.

Last year, Tesla acquired the company SolarCity, and with it got and how to implement the philosophy of “techno-austerity” – filling the whole “smart home” removed from sight, under a decorative facade. The design of the new solar panels continues this idea, they have no stand-out swivel mechanisms and control. The sun’s energy is collected and flows into the battery system Powerwall, and then it can be used for arbitrary purposes.

Manufacturing solar panels is deployed on the famous Gigafactory in Buffalo, but not before the upcoming summer. The value of the goods and performance information is not, however, naive Tesla already offers you a pre-order.
Source — Tesla