Specialists give explanations in the speed of the machine Zaitseva and boundaries of the intersection during a bloody accident in Odessa.
Zaitsev was driving a Lexus / photo NewsRoom

The Kiev district court of Kharkiv on 20 November at the next meeting on the case of resonant road accident in which six people were killed, heard the testimony of experts.

Held re-examination of specialists of the Kharkov research Institute of forensic examinations name of Bokarius, conducted autotechnical examination, reports “Today”.

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Experts explained why they didn’t pick the Lexus speed at which wheel was Elena Zaitseva.

“Determine the velocity of the Lexus is not possible”, – said in a statement.

Experts also added that, regardless of the speed of the machine Zaitseva, the actions of these artists did not conform to the rules of the road. In addition, the differences in the boundary lines of the intersection in the photo and chart experts explained the camera angles and the fact that the line is visible at an angle of 90 degrees.

As reported the UNIAN, 18 October 2017 in Kharkov at the intersection of streets Sumy and lane Mechnikov clash “Lexus” 20-year-old Elena Zaitseva, who was moving at a red light and the car “Volkswagen Touareg”, driven by 49-year-old Gennady drones. After the collision, the Lexus took off on the sidewalk and knocked down 11 pedestrians. It killed five people, one more person died from injuries in hospital.

The court took custody of Dronova and Zaitseva at the time of the investigation. The first tests showed the presence in the body Zaitseva opiates. Later, the doctor-psychiatrist Elena Fedirko, who first inspected Zaitseva after the accident, disappeared.