Researchers from Lancaster University (UK) has developed a revolutionary technology called Matchpoint. It allows you to use instead of the usual remote control almost any object (e.g. a Cup of tea), body part, or even a pet. In addition to the TV, you can use it to control the screens of computers and other “screen” devices.

A necessary condition for launching Matchpoint – the presence of a webcam, which finds objects corresponding to different functions of management – setting the volume, changing channels, browsing menus. For this it is necessary to synchronize the movement of the object with the hand, head or any scrap object.

To activate the selected function, you must install the spatial relationship between them. This is sufficient for the selected object to “draw” a circle in the air, then he immediately becomes a remote control.

So, for example, to adjust the volume is sufficient to move a body part (of selected item) in the right direction, which indicate the “sliders” on the screen. Matchpoint technology is also applicable to tablets and smartphones.