The vast majority of inhabitants of developed countries are familiar with the term “3D printing”. And what in this case means 2.5 D printing? At the international exhibition of advanced technologies Ceatec Japan, the Japanese company Casio introduced a printing technology Mofrel and based on her printer.

This technology allows us to give a different texture to the specially prepared surfaces. Upon completion, the printer applies the paint with 16 million colors.

Target audience new printer designers. Technology Mofrel will give them the opportunity to mimic the textures of fabrics, wood, stone and ceramics in a special “digital sheets”. They look like ordinary sheets of paper, but contain a layer of the micropowder containing hydrocarbons and Acrylonitrile.

Under the influence of heat the printer list expands, altering the appearance texture to the illustration, the right designer, after which the heat source is deactivated, and the pattern remains. To better control the texture formation, the pattern initially printed on the surface of the sheet in the form of carbon microfilm. Then the carbon particles under the influence of the infrared radiation heat are focusing on the right areas microlayer powder. The whole process takes 3 to 5 minutes.

The company Casio hope that technology 2.5 D printing will be in demand by manufacturers of smartphones to be applied to the body unusual pictures with different textures. It is also possible that in the next two years will be a version available for ordinary consumers. The cost presented at the exhibition industrial printer Casio 2.5 D is 44,000 dollars.