Taras Stepanenko. Photo: shakhtar.com

Midfielder “Shakhtar” Taras Stepanenko after the match of 2nd round of group tournament of League of Champions against “Manchester city” (0:2) noted that the referee had to appoint a penalty against his team and not put the 11-metre in gate “townspeople”.

– Tried to play compact, were not allowed to play in the midfield, bring the ball to the flanks – leads Terrikon words Stepanenko. – In principle, it is good in the first half.

In the second we conceded an early goal and we have been hard. We had to open up, take risks, and the opponent had more chances of freedom on the field.

It is clear that there is a factor of the team of the Grand, there is a factor of home stadium and the skill of the players. We can not deny that the outcome of the match decided goal De Bruyne. We could skip at any time, but still missed very early in the second half in the 48th minute.

It was necessary to regroup, to take risks, sometimes we managed it. They came out fresh players who have successfully used the pressure, and we have the free zones that completely cover did not.

I believe that there were two controversial points with a penalty: it is not given us – given. It is a factor of the Grand judges. We are already accustomed to. Real Madrid, Bayern all in favor of the Grand, the more they played at home. If a penalty was awarded in our favor, then it could be otherwise.

However, we had a good game tonight. Leaving the field, each of us can say that you played hard and did everything to go home with his head held high.