The presidential candidate of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky much goof for a meeting with representatives of Ukrainian business. The comedian discussed in the Network.

Of Ukraine in social networks shocked and tongue-tied and the absolute lack of professionalism Zelensky, dreaming of the chair of the President of Ukraine, transfers “Диалог.UA”.

Recently Zelensky met with business representatives to popiarit itself ahead of the presidential elections. The meeting was a failure for the candidate. In it, he demonstrated his complete incompetence in politics and in the economy. Entertainer with years of experience of public speaking, distinguished incoherent and meaningless statements. He clearly felt at ease.

The social network can not recover from a disastrous appearance Zelensky in public. Candidate mercilessly stebut for “rambling nonsense” and “complete lack of context.”

“Kapets Klitschko in the background the giant thought, and they have him pinned. Yes, he knows four languages, and Vova barely two, and not too well,” said one commenter. The comedian has called “a young Yanukovych” for obvious incompetence in matters of governance.

“They attacked the guy. Him a text Tambov wolf Valery Zhidkov wrote, but Vova only sounded memorized text. All claims of copyright workshop,” the laughing Network users.

Many commentators in horror that such a character in 2 weeks can become the President of Ukraine.

“Does he even understand what he says… the people, the chief housing can prevent the experiment, but have no idea of the Amateur in the system of state economic development. Not again endure the stupidity and ignorance of these “presidents”?” – outraged Ukrainians.

“Does he know that on the second day after his election the dollar will be 50 and Euro 60 (UAH – ed.)? Colony with Fulham will divide the country and sector distribution of coupons for rations remains sane evacuated,” he made his prediction one of the commentators.

“You saw how expressions listened to him? On the face of everyone says “IT SHO IS??? ARE YOU SERIOUS???”. Now imagine a summit with Merkel, trump and others. And it is the mouth opened and cards so that the translator does not know how it is all linked in some kind of offer… E***th shame,” complains one user.

We will remind, earlier “Диалог.UA” reported that Zelensky at the meeting with the business issued a caveat to myself and those behind it.