Kiev. Sports center “Liko”. Sofia LISKUN and head coach of Ukraine Tamara TOKMACHEVA. Photo of Paul KUBANOVA, “SE” in Ukraine”


from sports Center “Liko”

Yesterday in Kiev held a kind of presentation of the 2018 world Cup in diving among juniors. It will take place from 22 to 29 July under the arches of the sports Centre “Liko”.

We will talk about the upcoming event, based on 8 items – the number of working days of the tournament.

Uniqueness. In the Ukrainian capital waiting for the envoys of the 47 countries, only about 350 participants. Events of this magnitude in aquatic species, perhaps even in these parts was not. No joke, even Africa and Oceania!

Our responsibility has also increased significantly, said at the presentation of the President of Federation of Ukraine on a diving Igor Lisov. Through this resonance, the tournament produced a volley, and all were convinced: in addition to the newfound bezveza, Ukraine gives rise to other possibilities. The experience of the European championship 2017 gives reason for optimism. However, the annual Cup of Ukraine long ago reached the status of open, luring sportsmen from great Britain, Switzerland, Scandinavia, etc. They made sure the hospitality of the Ukrainians and the professionalism of the organizers. Now it offers two new hotels nearby. Moreover, it is not about the “stars” on the label, but actual comfort. That is, the bar did not drop, but quite the contrary. Of course, preparing in conjunction with the sports Ministry and the NOC of Ukraine. You can guess: 37 jumpers from USA, 25 from Canada. Who and what will they see, will appreciate – that’s you and desire to come again. Plus Australia, Brazil, whole Europe. Trendsetters – the Chinese are taking the best fighters. In short, if on TV which channel nor turn, dominates the negative, then our goal is to make superplastic.

Regulations. In the opening day on July 22, after the opening ceremony (starting at 16.00) will be played and the first final in team “mixed doubles”. In the future, a minimum of two finals per day, and often three. Circle-run for 16 sets of medals. Consider that two age groups 14-15 years and 16-18. For each, of course, the winners. All finals mainly in the evening. The morning session is a preliminary presentation.

Media. Jobs for all accredited press in the most “watchable” sector. According to their own feelings confirmed. Ventilation is that you can do without the jackets blazers. Along with the obligatory signal in FINA, there will be our broadcast. The creative team in a sense – the team as a year ago in the continental air. To be honest, the commercial side of the TV project I have not delved into.

Support. What tasks can solve Igor Lisov, know and fans of diving, and the readers of “SE”. However, the hospitable master of the arena does not play the originality. There is a part of the Kyiv state administration (according to various estimates, from 600 to 900 thousand hryvnias). By the way, in one of the workdays, UCM-2018 will be followed by a reception in the city hall. In turn, the Minister of youth and sports of Ukraine Igor Zhdanov recalled that for the right to host this forum were very serious struggle, not without eager to prevent.

However, Ukraine has fulfilled all the criteria and previous assessment from LEN on a solid “five” – remains the benchmark. All areas for which his Department is responsible, is almost spent. The budget, of course, including. They say, there is a question of reputation as PUPW (in it for so many years, no doubt), and country. But the Minister added: “Well, in the dispute for the medals, I hope, will not graze the rear, if it is in the adult Euro won the overall team victory! Plus, in Kiev, because at stake is the license of the III summer Youth Olympic games which is scheduled for Buenos Aires”.

Officiating. Brigade in the disciplines forms the international Federation itself. Geography is not much different from the spectrum of teams, but how else? From Ukraine are planned two referees – Anatoliy Golovan from Mariupol (he judged in the Olympic Rio 2016) and Elena Pacarina from the city of Pokrov in Dnipropetrovsk region.

The composition of the hosts. Blue-yellow pack of 12 athletes, seven coaches and a doctor. Road map for the July exam were different. The majority of candidates successfully shot at the European championship in Finland, where he returned with four silver medals. On the “meter” pleased from Kiev Anna Arnautova and Daniil Konovalov from Nikolaev. The duet Evgeniy Naumenko/Oleg Serbin scored the second sum of points in the “sync” from the tower. Finally, the 3-metre springboard silver retaliated by another Nikolaev sortmenu – Bogdan Kirovskomu. Some of their teammates are these days in the national championship, which also has that run and prove.

About those production nuances told reporters the head coach of the national team of Ukraine Tamara Tokmacheva that our brother did not let go of microphones-recorders even with a tour of the water Palace. To the question “SE”, and one of the Junior teams today is a strong player in the national, the answer was clear – Sofia Liskun. A fresh argument – the team silver in tandem with Oleg Caladium at the world Cup in Wuhan, of course, after the hosts-the Chinese.

Captain. Sofia, in fact, still a child – born in 2002, and already master of sports of international class, has the collection of bronze from the TH under the arches “Liko”. Like you this promise: “a pleasure to compete in your own country, with such attention of Newspapers and television. I think that as a team we will play, of course, not 100, but 1000 percent. Though I guess that competitors we won’t give. Important – we have to get back in shape”.

…Complement the interesting details. If you look at the logo of the championship, presented yesterday at a press briefing, the silhouette of the jumper quite guessed it. The first mentor Liskun Lugansk, Andrew Sheriguda, now working in UAE. Starting from the cadet years, Sofia under the supervision of Madame Tolkachov. Girl studying in the Lugansk regional Lyceum-boarding school of physical culture and sports, located in the city of flint. Of course, given her schedule. And you, a leader of the generation, except I would not go forward?

Logistics. When we are reminded of the role of the KSCA, he meant, and advertising. At the capital towers, indeed, invite bright posters and billboards. According to Igor Lysova, the surrounding area is in the process of development, simply patching literally next door. Together with road services Goloseevskogo district suddenly it is impossible to make full Shine. And yet, there is progress. Yes, and from the metro station “Hippodrome” distance is not the Arctic.

Igor believes that soon the “left turn” at prospect Glushkov, if you take from the Odessa area, will start, and the trolley will reach Koneva, 8. As for the complex, he on the eve of the commissioning of the second stage. Chip which should be the universal room with a treadmill. There is no doubt in the viewers interest, so that before the world championship podium will expand to 700 seats. In principle, the handsome “Liko” has become a kind of swallow’s nest for at least five hundred boys and girls in a specialized sports school. Yes, and teams of all ages here like at home.

Needless to say, the water signs less than three weeks. From five continents at once. And the Ukrainian side must show their product.

Eugene KAREL, Sport-Express in Ukraine