KIEV. August 3. UNN. Arrested in Germany, ex-head of “the Grid” Dmitry Kryuchkov may flee to Russia. About this probability has warned lawyer, expert on issues of anti-corruption legislation Vasily Makarov on the page in Facebook, writes the “Capital”, reports UNN.

According to the expert, this issue is now Surkis Kryuchkov Russian citizenship.

“They say that Mr ….. included with all their power not to allow the NEB to bring to court a case of fraud of its controlled companies the ”Grid“.

The Director of “the Grid” Dmitry Kryuchkov was put on the international wanted list and detained in Germany (in April). Now the GPU requires his extradition.

… And here attention! In order to prevent the extradition of corrupt Ukrainian law enforcement agencies With the Lord…….s in an emergency mode do Kryuchkov citizenship of the Russian Federation. According to the new passport, he should probably travel to Rostov, where to join our group of fugitives”, – he wrote.

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Makarov recalled that the company “Grid” has taken on himself the debts of electricity of a number of legal entities to “Zaporozhyeoblenergo” and “Cherkassyoblenergo”, which then did not pay.

“It’s about tens of millions of hryvnia, which stole from the state,” he said.

“In fact — Hooks is the Manager of those individuals who, in addition, also are minority shareholders ”zaporizhzhyaoblenergo“. The scheme seems to have worked in the same hands,” – said the lawyer.

He also advised the Chairman of NABOO Sytnik “to respond to the information to warn colleagues in Germany.”

We will note, earlier the people’s Deputy Serhiy Leshchenko accused the head of SAP nazara Holodnitsky for obstructing the investigation of NABOO in the case of Surkis.

The Director of “the Grid” Dmitry Kryuchkov April 14, was detained in Germany. The GPU is waiting for his extradition.

The media called Kryuchkov man Surkises, because the brothers were part of the governing bodies of the company “the Grid”.

“Obviously, for the scheme of ”the Grid“, and not just for her, was really the brain is more serious than his own (Kryuchkov EDS.), namely, the brain Grigory Surkis. And during the testimony of Hooks that can open. One part in the scheme “the Grid“ may have cost the Ukrainian oligarch several years of imprisonment,” – said on this occasion, the political scientist Vladislav Zadvinsky.