Venezuelan resistance, Guido seized the diplomatic missions of Venezuela in the USAPhoto: BBC

The US state Department has approved their actions

19.03.19 17810

Supporters of opposition leader Venezuela Juan, Guido, currently on the territory of the United States of America, seized the premises of diplomatic missions of Venezuela in new York and Washington. About it reports DW.

“Representatives of the Venezuelan opposition took control of the premises of the Consulate of the country in new York and two diplomatic premises in Washington, including the office of the military attache”, – stated in the message.

Special Guido Ambassador to USA Carlos Vecchio also announced about the intention in the near future to take control and other buildings owned by diplomatic missions of Venezuela. According to him, these actions are intended to “protect the property of Venezuelans.”

Vecchio also said that 12 of the 55 diplomats of Venezuela in the United States defected to the opposition and remained in the country, supporting Juan, Guido.

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Actions of Guido received approval from the US Department of state. They said that “happy to support queries” to change the subordination of diplomatic missions of Venezuela.

The Venezuelan foreign Ministry, in turn, urged the U.S. “to take the necessary steps to immediately stop the violent occupation”.

As previously reported by the Focus:

  • Mass protests began in Venezuela on the night of January 23. The initiator of the protests was the Brazilian leader of the opposition, Juan Guido who appointed himself acting President.
  • The US President Donald trump was the first to recognize the legitimacy of Guido.
  • Russia called Maduro’s legitimate President, and said the attempt of “usurpation of power” by the opposition.
  • Advisor to the President for national security John Bolton stated that the United States plans to form a coalition with the goal of peaceful regime change in Venezuela.
  • 88.9% of Venezuelans said that don’t want to see Maduro as their President.