Friday. Nikolaev. FLC “Alluvium”. “Real-ASSM-NUK” – “Galychanka-LNU” – 30:30. Captain southern Diana CHERVYAKOVA (No. 99) is constantly kept in suspense defence of visitors. Photo:

The teams of Lviv and Nikolaev took the first points from each other, but “Galychanka” made up an exciting dvukhdnevny a little better.

4th round


“Real-ASSM-NUK” (Nikolaev): Nikiforuk; Donets (5), Storozhuk (2), Chervyakova (10), Boreychuk (1), Aksenov (8), Sluchchyna (4), Babi, Satanika, Ryabokon.

“Galychanka-LNU” (Lviv): Gladun, Sultanik; Furmaric (2), Davidyants, Markevitch (5), Vasilyak, Savchyn (3), Skull (6), Stelmach (6), Pole, party (7), Dmytryshyn (1), Kozak.

Seven: 3 (2) – 2 (2).

Penalty time: 6 – 6.

Judges: Loshak, shaibakov (both – Uzhgorod).

9 Nov. Nikolaev. FLC “Alluvium”. 175 spectators.


“Real-ASSM-NUK”: Nikiforuk; Donets (7), Chervyakova (3), Storozhuk (3), Boreychuk (2), Aksenov (8), Slutina, Babi (1), Satanica (1), Ryabokon.

“Galychanka-LNU”: Gladun, Sultanik; Furmaric (1), Markiewicz (2), Stelmach (7), Savchyn (9), party (5), Skull (1), Pole (2), Dmytryshyn (1), Vasilyak, Kozak (1).

Seven: 2 (1) – 6 (4).

Penalty time: 8 – 6.

Judges: Loshak, shaibakov (both – Uzhgorod).

10 Nov. Nikolaev. FLC “Alluvium”. 190 spectators.

Perhaps now we can talk about a wider range of contenders for the gold than when two notebooks are favorites. Of course, it is not the affair that at the junction a “zero” created, “Spartacus”, “Motor” (Yes, women, you just had to forget!), Brovary “Motorist”, and then adding Lviv, Uzhgorod, Kherson, coupled with Irpen “the tax”. I, frankly, important the audacity with which his ambitions now States handball Nikolaev.

In the first fight with the current champion, “real” in a short period of time turned the initial 0:2 – 6:3. Incredibly, three of those six goals was taken already, thankfully, not disgraced Olga Slugina. Basil Kozar was watching these events not to with Olympian calm, but in the expectation that his team will figure things out. Yes, came the breakthrough 4:0, and raised from the bench Ilona reinstate scored twice. However, with the same precedence, said Svetlana Aksenova with Lesia Donets – 10:7 in favor of the hosts.

Anyway, and before the break was this exchange of “injections” which is the least like fencing coaches. A couple raids there, a couple here and there, then again the “debt repayment”. As if to confirm not conceivable yesterday on “start”, the young Tatiana Skull shot four times in six minutes (a total of five hits in the first half) and brought to 15:13 in favor of galicano. By the way, the arrangement for it was obliged to respond in defense of the Donets. I admit, Nicholas semerochka was fascinated by the attack. Then you will have to answer the question: if two major teams collectively give to the surface 60 goals in 60 revs arrows, protection, pardon me, here and not slept?


Spent the night, even as – like in the Royal boudoir. Just, Ruslan Loshak and Artem shaibakov almost English football method, give play. For example, the captain of “shipbuilders” Diana Chervyakova Lviv woman is allowed to vary as much as once before the intermission, which led to 15:15 on the equator.

And her passive was only half an hour a small penalty in the opening stages. Following the penalty, saying looking ahead, the Transcarpathian, the arbitrators applied to the linear southern Tatiana Boreychuk as much as 43 minutes. In my careful opinion, the clue to the maximum speed that either sinned (this is casual about the loss of the ball), whether glittering rival.

Remember to think about your sniping skills Chervyakova with the support of teammates, and parity kept, and chase after 17:20. However, to really catch opponents they managed in the first nine minutes to the junction. And before that, received the “unscheduled” goal from a very young Diane Dmytryshyn, and a minute later 21:24 the good-conducting the ensemble Carpathian melodies Mariana Markevych. The logical timeout took Mrs. Parkhomenko, after which there was the very figure of 25:25 in the 51st minute on a Board a crowded arena.

If I were a bookie, surely would jump at lightning strike captain Natalia from Lvov Savchyn, especially Anna Storozhuk (obviously “not her night”) soon lost the duel views Mary Gladun. In this situation, you will agree, each 7-meter-high “bite.” In short, 25:28 after another “washer” from the Skull. Consider dividends? Not at all!


First, earning the right to another one, “penal”, Chervyakova pulls his boat up to two strokes of the oars, and rested (or not say) Storozhuk – one. Miracles, and this second, continued – is 27:28, in less than four minutes formed numbers 30:29. This is despite the fact that at the beginning of the 58th minute break right third have used a coach and have painted my girls at least “what not to do”. They heard your coach just 27 seconds before the final siren – literally on the run, scored again, Markevich.

With three attempts, guess what happened? Of course, meeting around Natalia Stanislavovna. In basketball always agree, who and at what point to withdraw on the last shot. However, purely to see the “basket” did not work – jump Chervyakova coincided with a jump Savchyn. The ball flew into the net, but after the whistle, signifying “the player” from the 99-th number of “realistic”. Must be four seconds of the guests there were, but free they were quick to execute the wrong place, and while the referee did turn off the movie, sounded “the signal of truth” – 30:30.

Believe me, the author did not exaggerate the feeling of a Thriller. I will not lie, those who watched the game with the filing of the local Korabel-TV, which found common ground with the city “Surface” and showed both meetings all over the country. Another day survived diarchy (13 points out of 14) in the table, the ladies Superleague. A little Recalling the rhythm of Pushkin’s line in Attendance, I would venture to say that the names of the applications “real” naturally appeared on this page November together with the usual Galician. And even the outcome of the re-battles, which is slightly lower, did not shake this conclusion.


Before re-Dating 14 hours for reflection. And it was the time the steering visitors to answer a slightly modified question from the popular movie on poems by Leonid Derbeneva. Remember: “How can we, sultans, clarity is needed here – how many tactics at the time: three or one?”. Vasiliy made his move with directness janissary or two! At least, reined in the stock disappointed its Sofia Davidyants (education worked – look how the girl Sonya “travel through the boudoirs” DneprAzot Monday). And yet… nothing has changed in the score Irina Stelmach.

Compliments in her address, I deliberately delayed, although the blonde was linear in all respects good and on a Friday night. That first “seven” situational appeared not it, and Olga Vasylyaka, simple Ira offered something to settle with ammunition. And again, especially at the beginning of the second half Saturday, Ms. Stelmach rammed redoubts of students NUS in the melee. Plus, with Gajkovoj and Savchyn, provided the distance of five goals (26:21, 27:22) the decisive chetyrehminutke.

It turns out, the correspondent “SE” hurry up with the theme of dual power? Not at all! Under the end of the first round of the coming voyage “real” in Uzhgorod on the outskirts of troevlastie. Actually, Storoschuk and have already tasted the flavor of the third step on the Cup-2018. But that was still some scaffolding, and now to the scene at hand.

Basil KOZAR, the head coach “Galychanka-LNU”:

– I will explain briefly. With a group of the Nikolaev girls I had a chance to work in a team. Knowing how just a couple of seasons added and Storozhuk, and Aksenov, and Nikiforuk, and others, focused on their tight fight in each episode. Saturday we managed better, and the day before, sorry, it was “circus on drot”. Goalkeepers conceded all that I could, and I was not able too.

– However, on your side was “the length of a bench”?

I agree beginners are sometimes pleasing. In the second match of the most important 20th ball with the score tied from the left corner was scored by Catherine Kozak, although before that broke and not go. So concludes! A rotation at a good spur our leaders. However, in advance of the visit to Kherson I have them all laid out is available, as well know what they are, in principle, ready.

Natalia PARKHOMENKO, head coach of “real-ASSM-NUK”:

– After the second game I was approached by our VIP cohort including oblstatupravlenija and club President Dmitry Falko. They say everything is normal, continue to grow the team and don’t be upset. Apparently, I thought I would go and smash a shot – it will be a loss to the Director of the hall. If it is serious, any defeat is taken very harshly. But, by the way, most of all angry at myself.

– Why did not work the ending follow-up meetings for “real”?

– You know, the crash occurred a little earlier, after 19:19. If you want, you can have each player find “cons”. Well done, suppose Anna Storozhuk in defense, but two goals – to its potential level. The leader was waiting for more. Or Christina Babi – did not catch the balance of when to assume and when to play for the team. Trying to understand why “tan Boreychuk” so many scored Savchyn. In the end, with the rest from Lvov we more or less coped. On the other hand, the team is constantly looking for myself and some things already work. So, the first day managed to get into “beating” and to drive them away from a comfortable position. Chervyakova, Aksenov, Slutina, the same Ira Nikiforuk at the gate – was encouraging.


“Dnepryanka” went to meet the squad Kozara to the lions as if one landing played in the two southern bays. Yes, another time, Kherson and the audience was looking forward to the surprise b-side Boris Miloslavsky, but had injuries. Moreover, three previously landed in the infirmary of the Sofia Lysenko “connected” the main pillar of defence (and attack) Pauline Trubitsyna and experienced Catherine Kandyba. In the end, four points in the Talon of galichnik.

However, nasobiral on the eve of Tatyana Chernjavskaya the same number of saves, like yesterday, and looking at the enviable rate of fire Anna Dyablo, Dnieper brigade would have a more severe resistance. To demand the same from 17-year-old sniper to give twice a dozen goals in meetings with the winners of the Baltic League is not serious. Anya no doubt was getting tired. By the way, Miloslavsky a little sparkle with these girls, as Irina Morozenko (hitherto for the adult team were in beach handball), Valeria Gorenko and Natalia Panchenko…

…Tricks tender age to an even greater extent feel “Spartak”, and condemn the charges of Maya Carbunar for two home defeat against FC Karpaty – the hand does not rise. But the amendment on the metric of the 2002 or 2003 years of birth, the teacher makes a reservation. If, say, able to beat ten minutes, it is necessary in the next ten, too, to observe discipline. The habit “came to attack – throw away, come again – threw” Maya Aleksandrovna, not without irony calls “nonsense to suffer”. Still the current goalkeeper problem red-and-white (“of course They can and drag, but more is to naudit!”). To the question, whether accidentally Yana Gotra shipped from Kiev already 17 goals, Maya Aleksandrovna answered globally: “and so It is with Victor Chernov sample speed, but we have to hurry sometimes to their goal to go back.”

Eugene KAREL, Sport-Express in Ukraine

Spartak – Karpaty – 18:34 (10:16). From: Sediver (6), Magdych (4). To: Gotra, (10), Melekestsev (4), Ciplak (4), Bayrak (4). 14:31 (8:16). From: Shorab (4). To: Gotra (7), Bezrukov (6), Sukali (4).

Matches of the 5th round. Dnepryanka – Galychanka-LNU – 24:37 (13:21). Name: Dyablo (13). G: Davidyants (8), Party (6), Savchyn (4), Pole (4). 18:31 (9:17). Name: Mineeva (5), Ishchenko (4), Dyablo (4). G: After Three (8), Savchyn (4), Dmytryshyn (4).


1. Galychanka-LNU 9 1 10 0 19 347-207

2. Real-ASSM 8 6 1 1 13 252-202

3. Carpathians 8 6 0 2 12 241-177

4. Dnepryanka 10 4 0 6 8 274-275

5. Brovary 8 0 0 8 0 174-293

6. Spartacus 8 0 0 8 0 142-276