Environment. Athens. Training Of “Dinamo”. Derlis GONZALEZ, Carlos Zambrano and JUNIOR MORAES. Photo of FC “Dynamo”

“SE” in Ukraine” I watched the last strokes of the preparation of “Dynamo” to the resumption of the season


from Athens

Athens main problem is the traffic, senseless and merciless. You can slowly roll on the nearly open road, hoping to get to the stadium “Spyros Louis” for a quarter of an hour, but after the turn the bus will fit into disappearing over the horizon the snake-like toffee – and hope to have time to start the press conference of Alexander Khatskevich and Mykola Morozyuk will be you seem to be with every minute more and more unrealistic.

First you’ll look at the clock, then to calm your nerves, enjoy the spectacular sunset on the backdrop of the Parthenon. And some of the all-knowing colleagues will tell if Wikipedia is not deducted on the eve of a fact: skyscrapers and tall buildings generally in the center of Athens is not just because the view of the Acropolis hill, should be opened literally anywhere in the city.


But at a press conference you still have time. Not because you pity the gods – towards the Dynamo players, who flew straight to Greece from Spain on Tuesday night, they will be even more ruthless. The bus with the team breaks out of another tube, and the players sigh with relief, seeing illuminated from all sides, the arch of the arena in the distance – straight ahead, after about forty minutes on the way.

Greek reporters not ask questions, but each answer is mentor and captain of “Dynamo” will be asked to translate verbatim. The interpreter will try not to fail, conveying all the subtleties and pining under a withering glance, hurrying to the gym, but still smiling press Khatskevich. None of the Ukrainian journalists not to ask the coach about the severity of the damage but Pilarica emitted from the fees not to Athens, but directly to Kiev. Dominated, apparently, of the opinion that the Greeks from time to time know this is not necessary.


Morozyuk before you press “shoot” first, you will certify that I have not contacted his good friend Dmytro Chygrynskiy and not teased about the upcoming meeting on the field. By the way, it seemed that the coaching staff of Kiev before the evening session didn’t imagine what position will play in Thursday’s captain. In one of the sparring Khatskevich tried it on the left in the defense, which can not go, Pivaric – and, apparently, trust the protective wing of an experienced wagon, not a young Vitali, Mikolenko.

If “Dynamo” will play today with two strikers as it often happened in training camp, and with one striker and advanced as close to the front of the attack from the midfield Denys Harmash, the only vacancy on the cutting edge can get Junior Morais. As Dieumerci Mbokani, he missed the first collection but the second – has rapidly gained shape and effectively played in friendlies.

However, during the pre-season in Austria, more than other colleagues on the field the goals were scored by Dmitry Khlyobas, but it did not save it from the next rent. To gain a foothold in the “Dynamo” Minsk and Kiev, he was only able this winter, though there is no conviction that this season he will get enough game time in official matches.


What to goalkeeper’s position, relative to which Khatskevich promised to consult with the coach of goalkeepers Mikhail Mikhailov, you have to choose between Artur Rudko, who lost the status of the first issue after the summer of the super Cup with Shakhtar, and Denis Boyko, who returned to Dinamo until the end of the season on loan. It is worth Recalling that in a recent interview with “SE” the current head coach of Kiev has made it clear that the decision of including goalkeepers takes in the end only he.

– We had such problem: on the eve of the matches we’re going to discuss composition, and Mikhailov comes to me first – told Khatskevich. – Asks: “what have you decided who will play?”I call my selection – and, as a rule, our opinions coincide. If you disagree, Mikhailov expressed the arguments in favor of his candidacy, proposes to think again – but the choice is still with me.


Well, George Bowen, observed yesterday at training at the stadium “Spyros Louis” from the bench, stretching encased in a plaster brace right leg, looked calm and even cheerful. In the focus of the young guy received a ridiculous trauma at the very moment when the dream came true and he became the main Dynamo is self-control…

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