Photo Study: T-Rex “Scotty” – the huge and old, of all who lived on Earth and known to sciencea Photo:

The weight of a dinosaur could exceed 8.8 tons, and its age was about 30 years

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Canadian researchers from the University of Alberta (Canada), examined the skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus Rex named “Scotty,” came to the conclusion that he himself was the largest of the currently known members of the species. This writes the Naked Science with reference to an article in the journal the Anatomical Record.

The study’s lead author Scott Persons, called it “the Rex all Rex”. According to him, among them there is some variability: some can be longer than the other, the other — bigger and stronger. “Scotty” refers precisely to the latter category.

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The remains of a dinosaur discovered in 1991 near Saskatchewan. The skeleton has been preserved in Sandstone deposits at 66 to 71 million years. On its recovery took more than a decade. After that, paleontologists collected the skeleton and studied his features.

Scientists ,after analyzing the size of the feet, “Scotty”, suggested that its weight could exceed 8.8 tonnes, which exceeds the weight of all known carnivorous dinosaurs. In addition, the authors assure us that he could be one of the oldest tyrannosaurs: at the time of his death he was about 30 years.

“Scotty” – the oldest discovered Rex. You can understand how old is the dinosaur, penetrated into his bones. By the standards of a Tyrannosaurus Rex he has lived an incredibly long life. His death most likely was violent. The skeleton shows that he had received many wounds in my life,” said Persons.

The dinosaur was broken ribs and scars on the tail. Scientists believe that it can be traces of battles with other tyrannosaurs. Parsons believes that in the future the world will know about larger predators, but now “Scotty” is the most enormous of all that have ever lived on Earth and known to science. To see it will be at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum from may 2019.

Skull (A) and skeleton () “Scotty / Photo: The Anatomical Record

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