Innovation of Nordic walking Sticks

One of the types of fitness is rapidly gaining popularity in the modern society is Nordic walking. Regular practice of this sport contribute to the development of the muscles of the arms, legs, back and abdominals. To join the ranks of admirers of this variety of fitness, need to purchase Nordic walking poles. The correct choice of sticks depends on the comfort and effectiveness of the training process

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Key selection criteria

To properly pick up sticks, you should consider the following criteria:

– Material sticks. The main purpose of the sticks is the unloading and stabilization of the musculoskeletal system, so the sticks themselves should not create additional load on the spine, joints and muscles. They should be made of lightweight material, most often it is the carbon percentage which is not less than 10%. The more carbon is in the composition of the material of the sticks, so they are easier. The amount of carbon depends on the price of the stick – the more, the stick is more expensive. Usually used as the basis of fiberglass, which is woven carbon filament. The elasticity, resistance to external influences and the softness of the sticks are saved, and the cost is greatly reduced.

– The form of sticks. There are two types of sticks to properly choose and buy the tool, it is necessary to understand the merits of a particular type:

  • Stationary (fixed) poles have a constant length which does not change. They are more reliable and sturdy, but inconvenient during transport, because their length is not reduced;
  • Collapsible (telescopic) poles that are more mobile – they can always take with you when you travel. Online store offers sticks for those who prefer in any condition to have their favorite sports tool.

Selection of sticks to size

Nordic poles will provide an effective unloading of the muscles, ligaments and spine only if they are properly matched in height. Too high the sticks will not provide enough support, and too short will not only relieve tension, but on the contrary, increase it. To determine the length of the stick is necessary to multiply own growth by a factor of 0.68, and then the obtained value to bring to the nearest integer.

The manufactured sticks have dimensional indexes, like clothes (M, L), and their compliance is determined by a specific dimension scale. For those who decided to buy the Nordic walking poles will be useful reviews that can be found on the website of the online store. They will help to determine the right size and material of the sticks, which should be preferred.

The main components for Nordic sticks

The Nordic walking poles are equipped with the following components:

– Fasteners in tape form or dimension gloves, which are called knots. The tape is not synonymous with ski loops and has a universal size;

Rubber or cork handle – handle. If the user is more convenient cork handle, he has to be ready to change in 1-2 years, as the cork absorbs moisture and when used in wet weather deteriorating rapidly;

– Metal tip in the form of a pin that ensures the safety of movement on any terrain – sand, soil. To walk on the pavement on pins to put on special rubber tips.

Where to buy

Sticks for Nordic walking and accessories can be selected and purchased on the website where the goods of high quality from different manufacturers and at affordable prices.