Russian figure skaters Alexander Stepanov and Ivan Bukin condemned during the short dance at the Grand Prix final in Vancouver and deprived of at least two points. This opinion in an interview with RT, expressed the Olympic champion Natalya Bestemyanova. The expert also assessed the performance of Victoria and a senior research associate and Nikita Katsalapov, explained the reasons for the leadership of the Chinese in competition of sports pairs and commented on the fall of Yevgenia Morozova.

  • Alexandra Stepanova and Ivan Bukin
  • © Alexey Filippov / RIA Novosti

“They were rated as the young couple, as if they didn’t step”

— Were you surprised by the placement in the short program in ice dancing?

— The balance is terrible. Alexandra Stepanova and Ivan Bukin took away at least two points. Technicians put them in the first half of tango romance basic level. In fact, it is zero. Evaluated them as the young couple, though they did not make a single step. This is outright hooliganism! No couple in the world have never received this level.

— That is, Stepanova and Bukin were not given a reason for this low valuation?

Alexander and Ivan skated perfectly. Can just take my word for it. They made no mistakes. Since the beginning of their season in Catania nothing has changed. Even the judges were in shock. People really don’t understand how this couple could put this level. There was nothing they could do because technicians already have lowered them to that level. Of course, nobody wants strong contenders: neither of our pairs, neither the Americans leading or coming second to the Italians, who, in my opinion, did not show anything. While Stepanova and Bukin wonderful program. They are going up. It’s just ugly.

— Except in figure skating is this possible “murder” of athletes?

— Notice I did not say it. But such things are happening. Hard to believe, but true. Alexander and Ivan couldn’t skate to zero! This zero reference level. Such put, when a pair of summer just beginning to learn the steps. Then there are first, second, third and fourth. Again, the Russians — the only pair in the world, which is so appreciated.

— Do technicians once explained his decision?

— What and who can they ask? We don’t have that right until the competition is over. These are the rules.

— While Stepanova and Bukin were the best in the other sections, twilah, support.

— The judges have no questions. They appreciated Alexander and Ivan in all elements. But the technical specialists, which give the levels of each element that made a very strange decision by tango-romance.

— Objectively, what result could claim Stepanova and Bukin short dance?

— At least second place. At least! In arbitrary, our players should fight for victory with the Americans Madison Hubbell and Zachary Donohue. Of course, do not want to admit.

“Under normal refereeing to win three points really”

Victoria Sinitsina and Nikita Katsalapov after the short program ranked third. They counted only the second support level. Is that fair?

— There is just no questions. The support of the Russians was estimated the second level throughout the season. They set the program, and this element was immediately appreciated that way. If they wanted to, say, the fourth level, simply changed to support complicated it. Victoria and Nikita, for whatever reasons, deliberately did not go for it. Could they be higher? It is difficult to say. The main thing — sued Stepanova and Bukin.

Tiffany Sagorsky and Jonathan Hureyra in the short dance occupy the last place. This is their real level?

— They skated very well and got their points. More I have nothing to say.

Two Russian pairs lose to the Americans almost three points. Is it possible to catch up?

— If to judge to be honest.

— After such a scandal, except perhaps a repetition of the situation?

And there is no scandal! They think that it is right, that’s all. To make trouble after all, no one can. Again, it’s just a shame. To win three points really in the normal refereeing. Given the current state of Affairs, I don’t know what to expect in a random dance.

— At the Grand Prix final did not come the strongest couple on the planet Gabrielle Papadakis and Guillaume Cizeron. Without them to watch competitions in dancing was not so interesting?

Can’t say I was lacking it. They made this decision and had a right to it. Skating the French generally difficult to say anything, as it only times out on the ice this season. They had a lot of flaws, but Papadakis and Cizeron will certainly fix them to the rest of the starts. Until they are ready. I, of course, very strained that some judges go put them tens. It’s pretty weird. The pair went out for the first time, visible defects, and they are given the highest score. Magic names? Rather, the magic coaching staff that can find almost all couples of the world and all the judging of the planet.

“Morozova was falling last season”

In the pairs competition after the short program in the lead the Chinese Cheng Peng and Jin Yang. Their rise surprised you?

— The opponents had to be wrong. ‘ve all made mistakes, and the Chinese skated clean. Evgenia Tarasova hit triple toeloop. She just dropped. Natalia Subiaco and Alexander Enbert made a mistake in the parallel rotation, as a result, it was absolutely not parallel. This is the last item. Rode fine, but a bit not enough. As for Vanessa James and Morgan Sipr, the partner made a small mistake while performing a triple toe loop. They also have been very poor away from release. Vanessa actually pecked his nose and touched the ice with his hand. Everything is logical.


Chances are whether Alina Sagitova to win over Rica Kichirou in the Grand Prix final

The main event of the third day of the final Grand Prix of figure skating becomes a struggle between Alina and Sagitova Rican Kichiri for first place in…

— Can we say that the Chinese still have some chances of victory?

— Of course. Each of these three pairs have the opportunity to win gold. These duets are just above level. But you can not be wrong, because immediately there is a loss of the item.

— Drop Morozova surprised you?

— Remember the previous season. There she also made a fall from jumping. Moreover, Evgenia regularly broke the triple jump. So nothing new here. Will work — the situation is rectified, this is only the beginning of the season.

Both Russian couples got the best ingredients. You personally, whose program is like?

In my opinion, Evgenia and Vladimir are just more sturdy pair. We are talking about the supports and positions, and transitions and coherence. But they’re together and ride longer than Natalia and Alexander. However, Subiaco and Enbert this year really improved in skill and continue to improve. Their progress pleases.

Young Daria Pavlyuchenko and Denis Khodykin took only the seventh place. You can tell they were just nervous?

— I would agree with you, but, in my opinion, they are not yet ready to play in adult competitions. Dasha and Denis remind children that in the final of the Grand Prix until you feel at ease. And it’s not even that Pavlyuchenko made a few drops. Just their skating children. They need to train, work and grow psychologically.