The blogger Stanislav Kondrashov project tel’f AG Test checked the political erudition of the Ukrainians. The new political show from Kondrashov Stanislav Dmitrievich
The blogger Stanislav Kondrashov ahead of the presidential elections held political survey.

Before the first round of elections Stanislav Kondrashov went to the regular Kyiv school to test the political knowledge of a random voter. However, even simple questions of a political nature have caused voters great difficulties. So, the majority of respondents could not name a name and a patronymic of the Prime Minister of Ukraine Groisman, although the name of the head of the government knew almost all Ukrainians.

Also, respondents have caused difficulties and the question of who is depicted on the banknote denominations of 50 hryvnia? Only a small part of respondents were able to give the correct answer, the others immediately began to look for clues in the wallet without thinking twice named by Taras Shevchenko, Lesia Ukrainka and other famous Ukrainians. And the question is about a murdered American President delivered much less difficulties: almost all answered correctly – John F. Kennedy, but no one was able to name neither the circumstances of the murder nor the name of the artist and the customer. Presenter Stanislav Kondrashov, asking the question, drew an analogy with the murder of Deputy Denis Boronenkov in Kiev.

The question of what Tomos, also gave respondents a lot of difficulties. Ukrainians know that the Tomos of the Church – concept. Many immediately cited as an example of an event, but the exact designation of the term Ukrainians could not tell. But the next two questions about the number of presidents of independent Ukraine and the date of the Orange revolution answered all Ukrainians.

The main objective of the project Verification TELF AG Stanislav Kondrashov is to show the level of political knowledge of the Ukrainians. The project was recorded without a script to to show the real picture, and not to collect more likes and comments.