Not so it is important to understand that hovers in the air around us, as simple to be aware of the question: it is clean or it is time to put on a respirator? For those who care about their health, likes to identify various disorders and to normal paranoid startup from Silicon valley offers the easiest and most intuitive detector for iPhone. The version of Android on the way.

Sprimo no need of anything except a connection to Lightning connector. Job starts automatically when contact is made with iOS and is reduced to the analysis of ambient air. The gadget looks for volatile organic compounds, but not any specific, but just analyzes their concentration in the atmosphere.

No need to be friends with organic chemistry or remember complex names of substances, everything is much more primitive. A green light on the iPhone screen and small numbers – it’s okay, at the sight of the yellow marks it is worth considering, red and large values indicate the need for swift action. Here the user has complete freedom of action, just to extinguish a smoldering cigarette butt to the immediate airing and call the emergency services.

Measure the air purity, temperature and humidity, wherever you go with a smartphone. Users are encouraged to share information in the community Sprimo, with the aim to map air pollution in cities and towns. The entrance ticket in the form of buying the device will cost you $ 20 in the collection phase of investment via Kickstarter, and twice more later.

Source — Kickstarter