Presidential elections 2019Фото special Forces of the SBU took to the streets of Ukrainian citiesPhotos:

To patrol involve combat vehicles and unmanned aircraft

30.03.19 7000

On Saturday, March 30, the SBU switched to enhanced mode in the upcoming elections.

As the press center of the SBU, the special forces soldiers of the special operations Center (SSC) “And” began patrolling the streets, railway stations, bus stations and airports throughout Ukraine.

“Order in the state and the peace of the citizens of Ukraine is an important element in ensuring elections. Our special forces that rose in defense of Ukraine during the first minutes of the ATO, it is very well understood,” said the head of the secret service, Vasyl Hrytsak.

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To patrol involve combat vehicles and unmanned aircraft.

As previously reported by the Focus:

  • In order to remove the bearing harm “electrification” Suprun shared advice the American psychological Association on how to proceed during the electoral period to reduce stress levels.
  • Juliana Suporn gave advice to those who will work directly in the election day of the President, March 31, an observer, a representative of the exit poll or election Commission member.