Company Space Perspective agreed rental of space and provision of services of the preflight preparation at the Baikonur them. Kennedy in Florida. They are not competitors SpaceX or another private space companies – Space Perspective is ballooning into the stratosphere. More precisely, they are just about to make its first flight and immediately with commercial passengers on Board.

The startup was launched back in 2013, a married couple with a Taber McCallum and Jane Poynter. The first experiments showed that before the construction of the big balloon them away, so subsequent years, the company has launched small balls with different gifts, in the framework of the promotion of the idea. The most significant was the endorsement deal with KFC to launch into the stratosphere of a chicken sandwich. And now in Perspective Space are ready to send in flight.

The announcement uses the term “flight to the edge of space” and is given a value of 100 000 feet (about 30 km). However, the standard treatment space starts three times further, with a height of at least 100 km So it will be flying in the stratosphere, and not very high – the famous Felix Baumgartner jumped with a parachute from 39 km, and was later jumps and high altitude.

On the other hand, the stated height is three times greater than that which accompanies airplane flights, so ordinary tourist has not previously had a chance to visit so far away from Earth. The flight will take place above the troposphere, in exotic conditions, while promised a good review from the capsule, a bar and toilet on Board. The cost is $75 thousand flight date not yet specified.

Source — GeekWire