ODESSA-KIEV. May 9. UNN. Mass event on the occasion of the 73rd anniversary of victory over Nazism in world war II in Odessa are easy. This is reported in the Main Department of Ukraine in Odessa region, reports UNN.

As of 12:00 of gross violations of public order is not allowed. Single verbal altercation arising between the representatives of public organizations and participants of the events, immediately resolved on site with the help of “dialogue police”. A pass to the event is through filtration points.

Since the morning on the walk of Fame, a solemn official ceremony of laying flowers to the monument to the Unknown sailor. In the ceremony participated representatives of the authorities, clergy and the public. Then the cadets of the Military and Naval academies walked a solemn March.

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And at 11:00 from Post No. 1 started the action “Immortal regiment”. It was attended by thousands of citizens of Odessa. With war songs and portraits of relatives – participants of the Second world war, the townspeople passed through the Alley of Glory and laid flowers to the Eternal flame at the monument to the Unknown sailor.

Note that before the start of the procession between the protesters and their ideological opponents from nationalist organizations, there have been several disputes. However, the police did not allow them to escalate into conflicts. As of 13:00 the event was attended by more than 15 thousand inhabitants of Odessa. The police predict that in the General celebrations on the Victory Day celebrations will visit more than 50 thousand residents.

To avoid provocations and conflicts, today the order in Odessa provide more than a thousand policemen and employees of the National guard of Ukraine.

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As at 15:00 of the places of mass events and the surrounding areas the police were invited, six people on two of them drawn up administrative reports under article 173-3 (production and promotion of St. George (guards) ribbon) of the Code of Ukraine about administrative offenses, the two will be responsible for petty hooliganism (article 173 of the Cao) and another two held discussions on the inadmissibility of aggressive behavior in public areas.

Also recall that in the Kiev district of Odessa police stopped a BMW car with a red flag with Soviet symbols. This fact initiated the proceedings under part 1 of article 436-1 of the Criminal code of Ukraine.

Additionally, the crowd could be heard the slogans “Glory to Putin”. However, people who proclaimed such slogans, carried to the police station to conduct the interview.

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We will remind, in Zaporozhye on the woman made the administrative Protocol for the use of banned symbols during public events in the city centre.