As soon as South Korea is recovering from the consequences of a pandemic, cafes and restaurants are trying to creatively use the latest technology to ensure the safety of their customers.

According to Reuters, in one of the cafes Daejeon responsibilities of a waiter are now performing robot-Barista of Vision Semicon. Thanks to him, now the cafe involved only one person involved in the preparation of pastries, as well as the completion of the robot with the necessary ingredients. Possible Robo-baristas are impressive – it can cook up to 60 kinds of coffee and serve it to the client.

From the visitors at the entrance is required to choose the terminal type of a drink which will be prepared and served within a few minutes, up to six servings at a time. Heading to the table, the robot with the functions of the autopilot determines the optimal route.

However, as with many engineering advances, it has a downside – the loss of thousands of jobs by the epidemic, who after graduation can stay for economical and invulnerable to viruses robots.

Source — Reuters