South and North Korea agreed on a new date for negotiations

The working party negotiations to be held in the village of Panmunjom 15 Jan


New talks between South Korea and the DPRK to be held in the village of Panmunjom 15 Jan 2018. This is with reference to the South Korean Ministry of unification reports Reuters, reports RBC-Ukraine.

It is assumed that the DPRK delegation will discuss sending North Korea to the Olympics in South Korea, a group of artists.

In addition, countries are going to continue to discuss the details of the participation of athletes from North Korea in the upcoming Olympics, as mentioned in past negotiations, which took place on 9 January.

South Korea already said they’re aiming to create a joint women’s hockey team with North Korea.

Previously voiced plans to send two skaters from the DPRK for the upcoming Olympic games. At the talks, preliminary agreement on which was reached in early December 2017, except for the sports questions, also discussed issues of stress reduction and denuclearization of the Peninsula.