In 2014, the Japanese company Sony has released the first version of “Digital Paper” tablet, which allowed him to work with the digital analogs of paper documents in the traditional ways. Last year the model received a number of updates, and today the company launches the most advanced and compact version of the DPT-CP1.

The first tablet was oriented to the format of paper A4, new A5. Its thickness 5 mm, weight 240 grams, it is equipped with a display technology of electronic ink, a 10.3 inch diagonal and a maximum resolution of 1404×1872 pixels. The images on the screen 16 levels of gray, no glare, the picture is clearly visible in the sunlight, and such a display is less tiring on the eyes than any iPad.

On Board the tablet is a 64-bit Marvell processor, and 16 GB of memory, of which for records storage 11 GB is available is about 10,000 standard documents in PDF format. To edit them, provides multi-functional stylus, and save files in the phone memory, via the communication modules Bluetooth 4.2, 802.11 ac Wi-Fi or NFC.

A key feature of the new tablet by Sony: energy efficiency. In normal operation, the battery charge lasts for 3 weeks, and the battery of the stylus for a whole month. DPT-CP1 will be available in Japan in early summer, at a price of 70,000 yen ($650), but Sony still won’t say when the novelty will go to the international market.

The Source — Sony