A recent study showed that children from an early age using the touch screen gadgets, in the future have difficulty writing, holding objects in proper position. Despite the presence of several electronic styluses for tablets and smartphones, in most cases they are either too expensive, or work only with the top models of tablets. One Hong Kong-based company hopes to change the situation by releasing SonarPen — cheap stylus for drawing, reacting in real-time and works on all generations of iPad, even without the support 3d Touch. The connection is via a 3.5 mm audio Jack.

SonarPen is a smart pen that fills the gap between the cheap rubber styluses and expensive Apple Pencil. To work the gadget does not require batteries. To begin using, simply connect it to your iPhone or iPad via the connector, headphone, and in the case of the latest models of IPhones, where this plug is missing, used an adapter to Lightning. The pressure detection is implemented by encoding information in audio, which instantly transforms your mobile device into an image on the screen.

The number of possible applications of the stylus SonarPen depends on app developers. At the moment manufacturers SonarPen prepared software for gadgets on iOS. Android devices are not left out, but at this stage, the gadget will work off as a “dumb stylus” without recognizing the pressure force. It is reported that the full-fledged support for Android will appear in June when the device will go on sale.

Now supports two apps on iOS. It is ZenBrush 2 and ZoomNotes. But the creators SonarPen assure that a few developers are already working on integrating smart stylus in their products. Considering the popularity of the crowdfunding campaign (the necessary amount gathered not only early, but already has doubled) it is likely that new applications enabled SonarPen actually appear in the near future.

Low cost smart pen SonarPen remains its strong point over other similar products. At the start it will be only$ 25. In the future the retail price will increase to$ 30. This is a significant advantage over the expensive Apple Pencil, which are sold at$ 100 and only work with the iPad Pro. At that time, as SonarPen will be able to interact with all the gadgets, including older models of tablets and phones. Upon entering the retail market, the resulting functionality of the gadget may differ from the initial ideas, but if you have an older iPad and you want to turn it into a drawing album for yourself or the younger Chad, SonarPen is a good option.

Of course, if the device screen is functioning correctly or broken, not even SonarPen. In such cases, replacement glass iPhone or any other gadget Apple from our partners PlanetiPhone.EN.Source — Kickstarter