News companies Software Development Forum: prospects and challenges for Ukrainian IT-industry

10 November in Kiev, the leaders of the Ukrainian IT industry together with international experts and representatives of state bodies will discuss the Outlook, key challenges and key issues in the sphere of information technologies in the framework of Ukrainian Software Development Forum 5.0 is an annual event of the Association “IT Ukraine”


Today, the domestic IT industry continues to fight for pride of place in international markets that our country ranks 4th in terms of exports of services in the field of information technology, more than 100 Fortune 500 companies actively cooperating with Ukrainian IT-business, Global Sourcing Association noted Ukraine as the best service provider in software development for great Britain.

Such victories at the international level contribute to the active development of the industry in the country and its impact on other sectors of the economy: in the last year alone the growth of the Ukrainian IT amounted to 18.7%, and the volume of the export industry ranked third, close on the heels of Ukraine’s traditional exports – food products and metallurgy.

Together with the rapid development of the IT sector in Ukraine there are a number of new topics that will be discussed during the Forum. Among the key issues: the impact of the success of the Ukrainian IT companies in other segments of the economy, the global economic and technological trends and transformations that they bring to the labor market, human resources development and the younger generation of technical specialists.

This year the main speakers of the Forum will be:

  • Yuriy Antonuk, managing Director of EPAM Ukraine, President of Association “IT Ukraine”;
  • Nikolay Royenko, President of Miratech
  • Patrick Corcoran, Global Director, External Relations, Luxoft;
  • Chirag Rawat, managing consultant of an international company Avasant;
  • Kerry Holand, President and CEO of Global Sourcing Association;
  • Mike hinchy, President of the International Federation of Information Processing, the ex-Director of software development in

The full list of speakers and programme details can be found on the website of the Forum.

Following the event, will be announced the annual results of the industry and outlined a plan of action for further development of the industry.

The event venue: hotel Hilton Kyiv, Bogdan Khmelnitsky Bulvar 30