Sociologists talked about the awareness of vodka brands on the Ukrainian market

KIEV. March 16. UNN. In the fourth quarter of 2019 has decreased awareness of a number of domestic vodka brands. This is evidenced by data the sociological research “MMI Ukraine”, reports UNN.

We are talking about the fall of the recognition of the TOP vodka brands, such as: “Khlebniy Dar” (-2,4%), “Nemiroff” (-1,2%), “Khortytsya” (-1,9%), “Kozatska Rada” (-1%), Morosha (-1,4%).

At the same time, increased awareness of these vodka TM: “Prime” (+1,4%), “Arctic” (+1,2%), “Nasha Marka” (+1,3%), Idea (1.2 percent).

We will remind as it was reported previously by UNN, in the choice of vodka, only 12% of Ukrainians are guided by the price.