Yuriy Lutsenko

The statements of the Prosecutor General’s office that it has nothing to do with the creation and media placement of advertising on the achievements of the Ministry, “looks at least strange”, write the journalists of the project bihus.info. Investigators found that the “rollers Lutsenko” may still be associated with the GPU.

In February, the TV and radio stories appeared about the “successes of the GPU in the fight for money of Ukrainians”, which ended with the words “fulfill the law, make justice. Yuriy Lutsenko”. Information, what is hype in the commercials was not.

Formally, the responsibility for the rollers took over the NGO “Ukrainian Association of anti-corruption”, but journalists claim that the relationship between the rollers and the GPU is still observed. The Association was registered in March of 2016, but presented it only 2 months ago, its Chairman was Dmitry Gamache, who previously worked as a journalist in Lviv.

“After it became clear that “social advertising” GPU involved in the Association, Gamache stopped communicating”, said Bigus.

According to the resource, 12 February Chernihiv regional branch of “Susprise” received a letter from first Deputy Prosecutor of the region Yury Baleva. The letter was a reference to one of these videos; video with restricted access to see only those who have a direct link. Downloaded from account “Boris Dolina” – this name is the Director TRK Ukraine.

“A conversation with Valley came short: “I really have something on your channel loaded, it may not be my, excuse me. I don’t do videos. Understand who owns this channel”, write the investigators.

Also to the letter the Prosecutor’s office added the conclusion of the National Council on television and radio that the rollers can be considered the interview, respectively, to place them free. In this post there is another link to the service Fex.Net which open the four rollers of the GPU, uploaded to the site 6 Feb user natkitten (that nickname and its variations uses from Kiev Natalia Obvintseva, which in Vkontakte place of work indicated the Center of political consulting). It, journalists write, is engaged in creation of video, in particular, and what in these commercials.

As found by investigators, the Center for political consulting allegedly is also involved in PR former head Bankova Boris Lozhkin and Deputy BPP Alexander Tretyakov. “That is close to the President of the people, which include Lutsenko”, – they noted.

Obvintseva said rollers she allegedly gave friends of the press Secretary of the head GPU Larissa garfish. The latter said that she had no close relations with Obvintseva: “We likeem each other on Facebook and everything.” Sargan denied the involvement of the GPU to the letter of the Chernihiv regional Prosecutor’s office on the canal with a request to place the video.

“So, according to Sarhan, the result is the following situation: recently established public organization itself, on its own initiative, decides to create a commercial for the GPU, and even submit her information on behalf of Yury Lutsenko; participation in the creation of the video takes the familiar Sargan, but the press-Lutsenko’s Secretary knows nothing about it; said the organization asked the public Prosecutor to help in the placement of “social” on the GPU, simply because no one else to turn to. Stand whether this explanation is the test of common sense – the question is philosophical,” – summed up the Bigus.

Earlier on 1+1 channel said that the video was shown on the quota sotsreklamy after the letter from the national Council.

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