Small company REAL-f Co. from the Japanese city of Otsu boasts such clients as Apple or Toyota, requesting her unique product. This mask, resin and plastic, which are distinguished by the incredible detail and meticulous repetition of the original traits of a human face. The fact that the brainchild of Osama Kitagawa proved unexpectedly popular for the testing of advanced recognition systems.

Scanning technology and create models of individuals is kept secret — Kitagawa spent on its development more than two years and a lot of money. But now can on the basis of high-resolution photos to create masks so accurate that they even repeated the pattern of capillaries in the eyeball, not to mention every wrinkle. Such realism is frankly scary, but the master may purposely make changes to artfully distort the mask.

These products, due to its high realism, suddenly interested in leading Japanese car manufacturers. They want to teach on-Board computers in the expression to determine the state of the driver and react when he is tired and yawns or overly cheerful and carefree. And manufacturers of advanced digital gadgets that have relied on biometrics, need the tools to check the reliability of the sensors.

The cost of one mask can reach $2500 and orders with REAL-f Co. in the years ahead. Alas, it turned out that the existing algorithms of face recognition are still far from perfect. And it’s not just about the hacking of a regular smartphone, but also about the access to different services. Kitagawa hopes that with its help they will be able to quickly find new solutions.

Source — Reuters