Slaughter in New Zealand: the assailant made manifest and aired the attack, dozens killed and wounded

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KIEV. March 15. UNN. In Christchurch, on the East of New Zealand, unknown persons opened fire at a mosque in the city center. This is stated on the page of local police in Twitter. However, according to New Zealand Herald, Radio New Zealand and Stuff, the shooting happened in two mosques, reports UNN.

Information later confirmed by a representative of the new Zealand police Mike Bush. According to him, there are victims, the exact number he never called. However, he said that one person detained.

Local media reported that a man wearing a helmet, sunglasses and army jacket, opened fire from automatic weapons when in the mosque there were about 300 people. According to Stuff, in a shooting killed at least 27 people.

Reuters also could not give the exact number of victims, but stressed that the official confirmation of this information. According to Radio NZ, the shooter recorded the events on video. The publication adds that the city went to the police with Wellington.

The police closed in Christchurch, all schools, hospital and city hall and asked residents not to take to the streets.

Premier ministress New Zealand during the conference, called the incident “one of the saddest days in the history of our country.”

Video stream shooting started when the striker went to the al Noor mosque on deans Avenue, parked his car on the adjacent road. Striker car contained a cache of weapons and ammunition on the front passenger seat and in the trunk, and petrol cans.

He then armed themselves and entered the mosque where the first victim was shot in the doorway. The shooter was armed with at least one semi-automatic rifle. Text on a white background was painted on the rifle and ammunition. Once inside, he started shooting indiscriminately. The second victim tried to crawl into the main corridor, but was shot several times.

People hunched in corners of the room, were shot dead when a gunman blocked the corridor, cutting off the escape attempt. Sagittarius explored the rooms of the mosques, firing several times, and several times stopping to reload. He then walked out of the mosque through the front door three minutes later and went outside, and shot again when cars went by.

The shooter called himself the Brenton Tarrant — white 28-year-old man of Australian origin. In a 37-page Manifesto published online, he told me who he was and why he did the massacre in the mosque of Christchurch.

He said that the attack had anti-Islamic motives, but the origin of it was anti-immigration, anti-ethnic views. He wrote that he was born in a family with low income working class, which had Scottish, Irish and English origin.