Russian skier Natalia Nepryaeva, who took second place in the overall standings of the world Cup of the season-2018/19, the suggested competition with representatives of Norway.

  • Reuters

“What we need to add to start to beat Norway? Add need always and in everything. There is no limit to perfection”,— quotes the words of Mediaeval “Soviet sport”.

She also spoke about the relations between the Russian skiers and representatives of other countries outside of the track.

“We absolutely normally communicate. On the track we’re rivals, but after the race that we share? The incident with Therese johaug in Quebec? Don’t think she did it on purpose. Was difficult ice route. It simply thrown from his ski tracks, and she stepped on my ski. After the race she came up to me and said I didn’t do it on purpose, it happened. I don’t hold that against her in the mass start is always a tough fight, anything can happen,” added the Russian.

Earlier it was reported that Swedish skier complained of criticism in social media after the incident with Yulia Belorukova.