As explained in the headquarters of OOS, this is due to the KPVV transition to the spring schedule.

The Ukrainian military is asked to consider this information when planning the trip from “DNR” and “LNR”, and also from the territories controlled by Kiev in the occupied Donbass.

“All control points of entry and exit on the boundary line in the area of operation of the combined forces from March 1, 2020 moving on schedule, the spring period”, – is told in the message of staff of FOS.

“Verification of the event and the passage of persons and vehicles through the boundary line will be implemented daily from 07:00 to 18:30,” – said Ukrainian military.

We previously wrote that in the epidemic of the coronavirus Ukrainian border guards are tightening throughput measures for residents ORDO.

Now before skipping to citizens temporarily controlled by the militants of the Russian Federation of territories, each crossing the line of demarcation spetspribor will measure the temperature.

Also, there are resonant footage from the checkpoint in the Donbas – what are the inhabitants of “LNR” for the sake of Ukrainian pensions.