KHARKOV-KIEV. On 2 April. UNN. The Kiev district court of Kharkov was questioned as a witness in the case of a fatal accident in the centre of the city inspector of the patrol police Eugene Shestov. This was reported by the correspondent of UNN.

“Around 9 I heard a crash, ran out and saw the picture of the accident. I saw a Lexus and Volkswagen. Called medical assistance, notified the chief and a call center. After 5 minutes the ambulance arrived. I spoke with Zaitseva. While chatting she was in severe stress, signs of intoxication were not. Rights and the registration certificate it is not provided in our legitimate demand. Said that they were in the bag, then it turned out that she is not, then they ride” – has told Poles.

We will remind, on April 2 Kiev district court continued considering the case of resonant road accident in the city centre. The court has continued interrogation of witnesses of the accident.