Shot in Utrecht for a few days before the attack was released from prisonin Utrecht. Photo: Twitter/@BRNewsFlash

The assailant appeared in three trials

19.03.19 400

The suspect in the attack in Utrecht 37-year-old Heckman Tanis was a repeat offender who was recently released from prison. NOS reported, citing police sources.

Two weeks ago Tanis was named as a suspect in three trials. In the first case was the theft of a Bicycle, the second burglary in a Bicycle shop, and the third interim meeting in the case of rape.

In the third case as the victim is 47-year-old woman who reported that Tanis was released just a few days ago. The suspect was arrested for six weeks due to violation of terms of stay on the outside. But counsel for the accused challenged the decision of the court and Tanis left to chance.

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Also mentioned above the victim has admitted that he was familiar with the rapist who attacked her in the summer of 2017.

“He’s just crazy, a drug addict. I have already warned the police. He is not a terrorist and psycho,” she said.

Also the police reported that since 2012, Tanis was a suspect in at least nine criminal cases.

As previously reported by the Focus:

  • In Utrecht (Netherlands) unknown opened fire on the passengers of the tram. During the incident were injured, at least a few people.

  • Later reported one dead in Utrecht.

  • In the end, the number of deaths in Utrecht increased to three.