Video Shooting in Odessa: police reported a second dead

It appeared to be a familiar arrow


Police have updated the details of the shooting in Odessa: in the shootout killed two men.

Both victims – the shooter and his friend who was with him at home.

Duma reports on the reasons for the recent high-profile events.

In the house down the street Novoselskogo, 48 in the center of Odessa to some sort of Doroshenko came earlier judged citizen by the name of Pinin. They got into a fight. Pinin ran out of the apartment. Doroshenko started shooting.

Because of the gunshots, the neighbors called the police. Upon arrival, Doroshenko opened fire in the precinct and two operatives. The publication writes that the operative had received five bullets at point blank range, the second was wounded in the thigh, the officer in the chest. Attacker eliminated.

17:00 head of the National police Sergey Knyazev has informed that militiamen stormed the building where the shooter was standing.