Ukrainian national team head coach commented on the match of 2 Matchday of UEFA Euro 2020.
Andriy Shevchenko and anti-hero team Luxembourg rodríguez, who scored an own goal / REUTERS

The head coach of the national team of Ukraine Andriy Shevchenko commented on the match with Luxembourg, in which “blue-yellow” got the victory in the last seconds of the game (2:1).

“Different, you can appreciate this game. Hot on the heels makes no sense to say something, need more time to review the match. The coaching and heavy fate, which is very difficult to conduct such fights. But today, the most important thing for us is the result. A huge thank you to the fans today who supported our team — this support helped the players to fight, flee, till the end. The penalty at the end of the match, which led to a goal? I will say this: luck has to be earned.

A big compliment to the team of Luxembourg. At the pre-match press conference I said that this team can play football. I think everyone was convinced. In addition, the players of the national team of Luxembourg showed a great physique. In this team there are good players who really created us big problems,” – said Andriy Shevchenko.

According to the coach “blue-yellow”, March is always a hard month for Ukrainian teams.

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“Where-that affects not really a good form of players after the winter break. I did not expect, of course, such a heavy second of the match. But today, though many mistakes had been made, even though the guys lost the structure of the game, but our team fought till the end. None of the players I can’t make any claims in terms of dedication and desire. Someone strong enough, someone- no, but lucky for us, we won this match.

Today there were two factors that greatly affected the game. First, we lost a large number of martial arts. It always negates the advantage that you possess. Secondly, we lost a lot of rebounds. In this respect, the team is not good tonight.

How serious injury from Karavaeva? He received two cuts in one place. One of these incisions, our doctors have it sewn up. Second — not that big. Doctors have done in this situation, all that you could. Will follow as Karavaeva, when he returns to his club. But one of these two sections that is received, is really very big…”, – said the head coach.

As reported the UNIAN, the Ukrainian team won at Monaco (2:1) and topped the standings of group b of UEFA Euro 2020.