Shakhtar Vs Feyenoord – 3:1 (2:1)

Goals: Jorgensen, 12 (0:1). Ferreira, 14 (1:1). Marlos, 17 (2:1). Marlos, 68 (3:1).

Shakhtar: Pyatov, Butko, Khocholava, Ordets, Ismaily, Stepanenko, Fred, Bernard (Alan Patrick, 72), Marlos, Taison, Ferreira (Dentinho, 89).

Feyenoord: Jones, Newcap, Saint-Just, HAPS, El Ahmadi, Vilhena, Amrabat, Tapia (Dix, 72), Boëtius, Berghaus, N. Jorgensen (Larsson, 80).

Penalties: Khocholava, 37. Berghaus, 50. Al-Ahmadi, 54 (warning).

1 Nov. Kharkov. The RSC “Metalist”. 24 570 spectators.

Beating the Dutch on their home ground, the miners secured their Champions League group. Now the question is – what is the tournament?

On 17 October, Shakhtar confidently beat Feyenoord in Rotterdam (2:1). And, of course, before the second meeting of these teams, our champion was quoted above Dutch. Only this does not mean that the victory of “Shakhtar” in the pocket. “Feyenoord” had nothing to lose, and he flew to Kharkiv to fight for their last chance.

And with it, a note arrived about 700 fans who believed in the club and is ready to give him maximum support. Moreover, to remain silent visiting fans did not intend – before the game tightened their loud songs, hoping thereby to drive their team forward from the first minute.

Debut cut, as expected, left for Shakhtar. The Dutch started the match cautiously – they obviously were not going to force the issue. So miners quickly established control of the ball and on the third minute had a very sharp attack. Ismaily burst into the left side of the penalty area after a cool diagonal Bernard and powerfully struck into the far corner. Alas, the ball flew past the gate, but this initiative is definitely encouraged.

However, following this episode 10-the moment was a cold shower for those who have decided that now Shakhtar will take to break the opponent. First, very unpleasant was injured Stepanenko – the doctors, the team had to spend about two minutes to return the game leading the halfback of owners. And then the Dutch managed a quick counter-attack and cool – ismaily did not return, has shifted his flank Khocholava outright lost the fight, and Stepanenko and Ordets not have time to cover taller Jorgensen, who fired an unstoppable header from about the goal line.

In General, the Dutch in this episode I played everything without a hitch, and the hosts drew a chain of flaws that led to recall of Rakytskyy and injury Krivtsov…

Only the red-and-white and their noisy fans are short-lived joy, because Shakhtar have a minute later restored the balance. The miners held a rapid vertical attack, and then it turned out that in the absence of van der Hayden in the centre of defence of Feyenoord is also not going smoothly.

First, the defencists guests missed Tyson, who found himself one on one with goalie after through balls Fred, but the duel Jones lost. However, the Shakhtar captain was able to straighten up, clutching the ball and throwing it to Bernard, he in turn passed the free Ferreira and the Argentinian at the second attempt found a hole in the paling of feet of defenders of the Dutch.

This goal put the Dutch down to earth, and the miners, on the contrary, gave courage. And a few minutes later the team once again plunged into panic the defense of the Rotterdam team. The attack broke up Tyson, nice on the wing played ismaily, well, lucky in part, with gnarled stem Ambrabat, put the ball Marlos, and with a blow of metres with 18-ti under the crossbar, opened the scoring his goals in the Champions League.

2:1 in favor of Shakhtar’s 17 minutes – such a dashing developments hardly anyone expected. Well, as a consequence, a further scenario which was clearly at hand, technical and fast wards Fonseca.

“Feyenoord” had to actively play forward, the other options he was left with, now that the Dutch had to score two goals. But guests attacked in vain, as a rule, losing the ball near the opponent’s penalty area. Well, except that the breakthrough of Boëtius and his inaccurate shot from the left side of the penalty area can be noted.

While Feyenoord were regularly exposed rear, leaving the miners of room for quick counterattacks. And, as in the good, the fate of this match could be settled by half-time, but proved to be excellent goalkeeper Jones, paronomasia dangerous strikes Marlos and Bernard from outside the penalty area. And Ferreira elementary no luck – after a corner Bernard and classy trim Ordets striker hit the crossbar.

Well, eloquent the statistics of the first half: shots on goal – 12:3, the target – 5:1, corner – 4:1, ball possession 52 to 48 percent…

The beginning of the second half was quite calm. Like the teams have decided to re-look at each other. But it lasted not long. Ran the opponents pretty quickly and the game is back on track. However, with the difference that now Shakhtar’s attack didn’t look much preferable Dutch.

At least in the 54th minute after hitting Berghaus Shakhtar could have problems, but was saved by Pyatov, expertly sreagirovatj on the ball. Reliably played our goalie and after a long shot Jorgensen.

Feyenoord obviously added in aggressiveness and intensity, but quick attack he couldn’t do it because the owners are confident enough to override any zone on their half of the field. Soon the attacking impulse of the Dutch began to subside. Apparently, physically wards van Bronkhorst also ready not brilliant. And it is here that Shakhtar was caught.

And again the focus was Marlos. Typing speed on the approaches to the opponent’s penalty area, he played a sharp one-two with Ferreira, skillfully rounded the defender, shifted slightly to the right and soft the Keeper threw the ball over jerked him at the feet of Jones.

We can say that this goal was finally removed any questions about the outcome of the meeting. Guests, however, didn’t give up. And in the remaining time a couple of times to test the vigilance of the net, which is due to the timely outputs of the gate neutralized the threat after the release of Berghaus and Boëtius.

But in General, except for these episodes, Shakhtar controlled the game, achieving in the end a convincing and impressive victories. By the way, it could be larger if after a corner kick almost exactly struck Ordets or if Jones fingertips didn’t get the ball after a long range shot Patrick.

So, 3:1 in favor of “Shakhtar”, which is entrenched in second place with nine points against three of “Napoli”, which is now lost to Manchester city. Note that the English club with 12 points came in the playoffs. Well, Shakhtar’s prospects excellent…

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