There is nothing triumfalnoe for a scientist than a time when theoretical calculations are supported by practical research. Especially when between them lies a few decades the improvement of technologies and tools. In the last century, astrophysicists guessed that most of the real or baryonic matter must be centered somewhere between galaxies and stars. But to see it it was possible only today.

To understand the scope of opening: the current model of the universe the universe is 95% consists of mysterious dark matter, plus dark energy, and the remaining 4.6 percent is the regular, usual matter of electrons and protons. But when scientists counted the number of substances in stars, the hot gases of the galaxy clusters and the interstellar medium, there were 50% less than you need. Where is hiding the rest?

It turned out that the substance is, but because of the extremely low density “to see”. Had to use the Sunyaev-zel’dovich effect, which describes changes of the illumination of the background radiation in the interaction with a hot but invisible gas interstellar voids. Data from the orbiting Observatory Plank for 260 000 pairs of galaxies has shown – between them stretches thin gas thread, in which are concentrated the missing 50 % of the real matter.

Scientists not only found the alleged missing matter in the Universe, they once again confirmed and specified the model of your device. A multidimensional system with major and minor nodes created by the gravitational force, between which extends an invisible stable connection. The fundamental theory, some of which are more than half a century, get your confirmation, we all better learn how the world works around.

Source — New Scientist