Scheme with the Chinese goods brought to the Odessa smugglers 450 million UAH

The SFS and the EMB conducted a joint operation


Customs and NABOO arrested money Odessa smugglers, who have created dozens of fake companies

About this on his page in Facebook wrote acting Chairman of the State fiscal service Miroslav Sold.

He noted that through the joint work of GFS and the NAB, last week managed to arrest 450 million. The money belonged to two dozens of Odessa companies-importers who controls one of the most famous smugglers of Ukraine.

The scheme was the following: Odessa smugglers have created dozens of phony companies, which were led by surrogates. These companies received a large amount of shoes, textiles, bags and other goods from China, supplies of which were company-pads.

“The contracts are actually fabricated in Odessa. The documents indicated the cost of goods is understated by ten times or more. For example, footwear dealers declared at $0.5 per kilogram,” – said Prodan.

When customs received the Declaration with fake data, they adjust the customs value to a level that corresponds to the actual value of the goods. However, representatives of Odessa companies, using the 55-th article of the Customs code, making the customs accounts of the relevant financial guarantee, which gave the opportunity to send the goods to free circulation. After that, importers have turned to one of the Odessa courts.

“And the panel of judges cancelled the decision of customs, in fact obliging to customs clearance goods at significantly reduced cost and return it to the importer with a financial guarantee. Although it was quite obvious that the trust documents, which provide to importers, it is impossible. This is a complete fiction. But the Odessa judges somehow didn’t notice,” said Sold.

As a result, the customs officers collected all the information about the smugglers and handed it to the police.