Scandal with Justin Trudeau: in the case of corruption, the company SNC-Lavalin appeared audioPhoto: RTVI

The Prime Minister of Canada denies any wrongdoing

30.03.19 12700

In Canada, the ongoing scandal around the case of the company SNC-Lavalin.

As reports BBC Ukraine, he has already cost the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau parts his rating, two government members and one Secretary of the privy Council (the so-called canadian Secretariat in the Cabinet.).

They resigned after allegations of Trudeau in an attempt to influence the criminal case is the largest civil engineering company in the country.

The former Minister of justice and attorney General of Canada Jody Wilson-Reybold stated that the office on behalf of the Trudeau tried to convince her to protect comppany SNC-Lavalin from the trial.

She passed the House of Commons of Canada documents and audio recordings allegedly proving this. During the conversation, according to the former Minister, the now former head of the privy Council Michael wernick convinces her not to bring the case to court.

Wernick, resigned at his own request a month after Wilson Reybold.

The documents and audio recording of the conversation that took place in December 2018, unveiled yesterday, on Friday, March 29.

The history of scandal following. Canadian engineering and construction company SNC-Lavalin are accused of paying bribes in order to win contracts in Libya. This allegedly happened during the regime of Muammar Gaddafi.

The trial hasn’t started yet. In the case of recognition of the company is guilty, she faces 10-year ban on Federal contracts.

The Prime Minister of Canada was accused of trying to pressure Jody Wilson-Reybold to ensure legal support for SNC-Lavalin, which would allow the company to avoid prosecution and escape the penalty.

Trudeau denies guilt from ourselves, and from their employees.

However, as polls show, these allegations throw shadow on the popularity of Trudeau and his government before the election, which will take place in October this year.

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Published documents, including an 18-minute audio, recorded in December a telephone conversation between Jody Wilson-Reybold and clerk of the Privy Council Michael wernick in which they discuss the prosecution of SNC-Lavalin.

The former attorney General said that he went to “extraordinary and under any other circumstances is unacceptable” step, recording a conversation without the knowledge Wernicke. She stated that she was concerned about the attempt to interfere in the matter of SNC-Lavalin.

On the record between the two is a debate in which the official has said that the Prime Minister is interested in that in the case of the company signed an agreement to court.
Wilson Reybold stated that he considers this conversation to be unacceptable, and that the discussion of this case may cast doubt on her independence as attorney General.

The recording will allow members of the parliamentary Committee to decide, pushed her Vernik or not, says ex-official.

Trudeau and his staff were concerned about the fact that in the case of criminal prosecution SNC-Lavalin thousands of its employees lose their jobs.

However, notes the canadian newspaper the Star, this is not true: the company does work about 9 thousand people, but not all of them are engaged in Federal contracts and even in case of loss of some of them, they can easily find a new one.

The Committee for justice has refused to investigate the case of SNC-Lavalin in March, stating that the targets have been achieved.

After that, Jody Wilson-Reybold said he will provide additional materials in support of testimony given to the House of Commons in February.

Already published 40 pages are copies of emails and other messages, followed by comments Wilson Reybold.

Opposition parties have expressed the desire to return the former attorney General to the Committee after the data in her February testimony that Trudeau and his entourage allegedly spent months trying to intervene in the case of SNC-Lavalin.

The leader of the opposition Conservative party, Andrew Scheer, in turn, said that the materials contained evidence of lies Trudeau and politician should resign.

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