Odessa promoted the idea of separation from Ukraine of several areas in the South-East and claimed that Kiev can not afford the contents of Donbass.

Investigators of the security Service of Ukraine exposed the anti-Ukrainian Internet agitator from the Odessa region, who acted in the interests of the aggressor country, according to “Диалог.UA”.

The press service of the structure clarifies that the detainee was constantly posted on his page in social networks, anti-Ukrainian positions, called to divide the country “in the Korean scenario,” praising terrorists “L/DNR”. He published links to articles promotional publications and posting information from the sites of the militants.

During the authorized investigative actions the staff of SBU found in the apartment of the agitator computers and mobile devices with the materials confirming the illegal activities. Concerning the detainee opened criminal proceedings under investigation.

Meanwhile, “friends” Odessa separatist militants “L/DNR” turned into a nightmare the lives of innocent citizens on the demarcation line of the parties to the conflict. For March because of the shelling damaged or destroyed 42 houses in the Donbass, one person was injured.