Photo of SBU in Odessa blocked the channel of smuggling weapons from Europe and the U.S.Photo: SBU

The weapons were smuggled in parts of Ukraine in post parcels and in place were going to finished samples

26.04.18 27000

The security staff were exposed in the Odessa criminal group that was smuggling weapons from Europe and the United States, which is then sold on the territory of Ukraine. This reports the press service of the SBU in Facebook.

“Militiamen established that two inhabitants of the regional center organized the illegal transportation from countries of Western Europe and the United States of components for small arms. “Goods” dealers received through the services of international postal services. Later in the apartment of one of participants of group the attackers collected the samples of weapons for sale. Customers looking for via the specialized forums in the Internet”, – stated in the message.

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During the searches at the place of residence of the defendants in the case, the police seized a large number of rifled firearms and components of foreign production, as well as ammunition of different caliber.

Also in city Podolsk Odessa region the staff of SBU withdrew from the local weapons and ammunition, in particular, the Nagan revolver and the fighting f-1 grenade with a fuse and cartridges of 5.45 caliber and 9 mm.

Photo: SBU

Earlier in the Chernihiv police, together with the SBU detained the soldier-the contract employee who organized the sale of weapons from the zone ATO.