Today it was revealed another fact confirming that the aggressor an independent Church in the Ukrainian state – a defeat for which they are obliged to take revenge even at the cost of millions of lives of Ukrainians.

The press service of the SBU was published evidence of how intelligence services of the Russian aggressor had planned to use the conflicts between denominations in Ukraine to openly carry out military intervention in the territory of the Ukrainian state with the help of Armed forces of Russia, informs “Диалог.UA”.

It is reported that the booklets that were published in Ukrainian and English, contains specialized QR codes, giving you the opportunity to have direct access to compiled information about the relevant facts of criminal activity of the Russian Federation was revealed as the main intelligence service of Ukraine and public activists collected.

Meanwhile, the schismatic clergy of the UOC-MP has made to the database of the site “Peacemaker”, which are all those persons that threaten Ukraine’s statehood.

Also known Ukrainian military expert Nikolay Sungurovskiy informed that Ukraine is on all sides of its borders surrounded by the Armed forces of the aggressor.