Saudi Arabia and the United States have agreed on a contract for the purchase of missile defense systemsPhoto from open sources

Contract amount – $15 billion

29.11.18 108000

The government of Saudi Arabia decided to buy in the US missile defence system, the military-industrial Corporation Lockheed Martin’s contract amount is $15 billion.

About it reports Reuters with reference to the official representative of US state Department.

It is noted that on 26 November, the parties signed the documents, which were marked with the conditions of purchase by Riyadh 44 missile launchers, missiles for them and the necessary equipment.

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The state Department clarified that the issue of the purchase of these systems was discussed by the parties since December of 2016.

Delivery of missile defense systems is one of the deals a massive contract by the US and Saudi Arabia on the transfer of the latest weapons worth $110 billion.

The deal was in jeopardy because of the murder of opposition journalist Jamal Kalkaji, in the murder of which is suspected the crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Prince Mohammad bin Salman.

Recall, Jamal Kalkaji disappeared on 2 October after a visit to the Consulate of Saudi Arabia in Istanbul. First Riyadh denied that the journalist had gone to the Consulate. Then, 18 days after the disappearance of Kalkaji, admitted that the journalist was killed during a “fist fight.” The government of Saudi Arabia has recognized the journalist’s death. According to media reports, his body was destroyed in the acid.