Dmitry Rzhavsky

KIEV. July 5. UNN. Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of the THIRD convocation Alexander Rzhavsky appealed to the President of Ukraine with a request for his assistance in investigating the death of a son – Dmitry Rzhavsky. About this he wrote on his personal page in Facebook, reports UNN.

According to Alexander Rzhavsky, the police is inactive and does not attempt to establish the true cause of death slain, and takes no action with the aim of tracing possible involved in the crime.

“The police were idle, and the first days are the most important. The police did not conduct any examinations and even still (!) not included my son’s phone, which reflects the last hours of his life. The police takes the information from the cameras located along its route, but information is stored only a few days, and much has been lost. We do go and ask for these materials, recognizing that none of the law enforcement authorities have not yet requested”, — said the father.

He also noted that the examination of wounds (cuts) on the body of his son was conducted without taking into account the fact that Dmitry Rzhavsky was left-handed.

“We need urgent re-collegial medical examination! With every minute the son’s body is destroyed. And if today not to conduct an independent study, it will be too late.

This attitude of the police says anything about the full professional collapse law enforcement authorities, or custom-made nature of the case against my son,” wrote father.

He also noted that the family and six children who died today are not feeling safe.

“Peter, You and I were colleagues in the Parliament and together proud that we have a large family. You also have children, and You know what the meaning of our lives is in them. Please help me and my family to establish the truth! You are the President of Ukraine, and I am counting on the power of the state and its protection” — called Alexander Rzhavsky.

We will remind, on Friday 29 June in the Darnytsia district of the capital found the body of Dmitry Rzhavsky. The man died from multiple stab wounds, allegedly inflicted by a knife.

Also recall that the father of the murdered stated that his son was threatened.