Live Russian TV channel explained the statement of Freeman actor’s addiction to marijuana

The presenter of the weather forecast on “Russia 24” believes that “pot” could cause anti-Russian statements


A TV weatherman on Russian propaganda TV channel “Russia 24” Vadim Savtchenko explained by the marijuana addiction video Morgan Freeman, in which the actor has asked Donald trump to defend democracy in the world from the encroachment of Russia.

According to Zavodchikova, for many years, Freeman is suffering from fibromyalgia, which often leads to the development of depression. The weatherman assures us that the illness of the actor began to progress after the accident nine years ago. “However, the medicines Freeman opted for a more drastic remedy,” says Zavodchikov, namely marijuana.

The authors of the program have shown a fragment of an interview with Larry king, in which Freeman said that she supports the legalization of marijuana, because he believes that it is not more harmful than alcohol. Then the creators of the story recalled how the actor was promoting a documentary in support of the legalization, and then asked the psychiatrist, could weed be the cause of anti-Russian statements.

Psychiatrist Konstantin Popovchenko said abruptly quit using marijuana people may experience psychotic disorders, they can overcome paranoid thoughts.

“And these statements may be under the effects of drugs”, — summed up the expert.

“It only remains to summarize the statements of experts. Busy lifestyle, chronic diseases and consumption of marijuana is clearly not conducive to a sensible assessment of the situation and policy in particular”, — sums up leading weather forecast.

We will remind, American actor, winner of the award “Oscar” Morgan Freeman recorded a video, which urged the U.S. President to protect democracy in the world and the United States from Russia.